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Spinlock Lifejackets

Overlord is now equipped with Spinlock Deckvest 5D lifejackets together with twin hook lanyards (one short and one long strop). Features to note are :

  • Built in safety harness.

  • Automatic inflation (Hammar hydrostatic system triggers lifejacket if someone falls in the sea).

  • Manual firing of gas cylinder by yellow “rip cord” held in retainer on left side of lifejacket.

  • Integral spray hood.

  • Lifejacket light (automatic with manual override).

  • Whistle, manual inflator tube, crotch straps and lifting strop as you would expect.

The lanyards have a load indictor so you can tell if they have been overloaded and need replacing.

The lanyards are attached to the lifejackets by a “soft loop” rather than a metal clip. PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE THEM them so that one lanyard always stays attached to each lifejacket.

These lifejackets are all 170 Newton bouyancy but come in three different sizes:

  1. Numbers 1 and 2 are Size 1 (small; 23in to 35.5in chest).

  2. Numbers 3 to 10 are Size 2 (medium; 29in to 49in chest)

  3. Numbers 11 and 12 are Size 3 (large; 38in to 59 in chest)

Whilst Overlord’s skipper will explain the operation of the lifejackets during the safety briefing at the start of every trip it is recommended that crew members familiarise themselves with them before sailing by view these videos:

Skippers and Mates should also view the following video

Lifejackets: About
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